Why is Devil's Ivy is Impossible to Kill?

Devil's Ivy is quite famous as Money Plant. If you are a new plant parent and are anxious that you may kill a plant, then Devils' Ivy will become your favourite for sure. Here are a few reasons due to which the Devil's Ivy is impossible to kill!

Survives in Low Light 
Devil's Ivy easily grows in low light and is not at all fussy. It can survive bright sunlight as well as dim light.  So, you can place it anywhere you want to.

Flourishes in Unsuitable Soil Conditions
If you place the Golden Pothos in the basic soil mix, then it will thrive without any fertilisers. When you are a new plant parent you may forget about fertilising the soil. But, don't you worry as you won't kill this magical plant.

Doesn’t need Water for Long Periods
Taking care of indoor plants is super easy. Forgetting about watering your potted plant is quite common. With Devil's Ivy, you can stay carefree as it doesn't need water for long periods. Furthermore, Devil's ivy in water grows super fast and doesn't need a lot of care.

how Devil Ivy or Money Plant survive