ideal indoor plants for living room

The living room of a house is a place which is designed in the choicest way possible. It is a prominent place where people meet and greet each other. A classy decor speaks volumes about your style. To add an element of beauty and nature, you can get indoor plants in gorgeous pots and keep them in your living room. Not only the plants will purify the air, but they will add the perfect emerald shade to your elegant decor. Some of the most decorative plants for living room are:

Peace Lily
Peace Lily makes an excellent living room plant. They are great to brighten up the living room and are also excellent at cleaning the air. Peace lilies are easy to keep and do not require much maintenance. 

Pothos are one of the most extensively adopted plants that make beautiful home decor. There are many types of pothos. They are easy to maintain and add greenery and charm to those lonely corners of your house.

Spider Plant
These simple yet beautiful plants are great indoor plants. When placed in bright and moderate light, they grow wonderfully adding grace to your house. These are the most adaptable houseplants and are easy to grow. 

English Ivy
This lovely plant is a must-have to add to the beauty of your house. They grow rapidly and are good for air circulation. They should be planted in containers with good drainage.

Rubber Tree
Another beautiful plant that can easily brighten up your house is the Rubber Tree. There are many benefits of this plant which makes this plant all the more popular. The big leaves with dark colours set the aesthetics right.

French Lavender
The smaller lavender varieties are great for indoors. The beautiful colour and mild fragrance give you the feeling of french provenance.  

best indoor living room plant