place for oxygen producing indoor plants

Oxygen plants or Plants that produce oxygen are trendy these days. Not only do they make the air breathable, but they also remove toxins and common indoor pollutants. The key is to know where to place them. Check out the best plants for each part of your home!


The bedroom is one of the best places for oxygen-producing indoor plants. Oxygen plants like Peace Lily Plant, Pothos Plant, and Snake Plant are perfect for your bedroom as they improve your sleep quality and increase the oxygen flow in the room.

Living Room

Keep plants like Areca Plan, Money Plant, Weeping Fig and Orchid Plant in your living room. Not only will they provide oxygen, but they will spruce up your living room decor.


ZZ plant and snake plant are the best plants for your bathroom as they remove moulds and bacteria from the air.


We spend a lot of time cooking, so we need oxygen plants like Spider Plant and Pothos Plant around the kitchen area.

oxygen plants indoor placement