Top 6 Popular Outdoor Succulents

Succulent plants are low-maintenance plants due to their ability to survive for days without any water. You can easily recognise them with their fleshy, thick leaves or stems. For your reference, a list containing the top 6 popular outdoor succulents has been curated. 

Agave is commonly known as the Caribbean or Century plant. Its large, spiked, and stiff leaves attract a lot of attention. The plant requires minimal water since it stores all its water intake in the coated leaves, which also prevents evaporation. 

This beautiful plant is a great choice to add a pop of colour to your garden. When planted in the ground, they grow to the height of 10 feet, whereas in containers and pots, they are shorter. 

One of the most popular and widely planted succulents is Echeveria. It is loved mostly for its fleshy rose-like leaves that come in a variety of colours. This evergreen plant can easily handle high heat and flowers during the summers. 

This plant, like many other succulents, likes bright but indirect sunlight. They are also known as the Zebra cactus and Pearl plant. The upright and pump leaves of this succulent grow in an attractive rosette manner. 

The Furcraea plant thrives best in semi-humid environments. They are famous for their lovely variegated foliage which grows to over 5 feet. This easy to care for stem-less succulent has sword-like captivating leaves.
The Senecio plant is known as the Fishhook plant. The vines of this succulent exceed the minimum 3 feet height at a fast pace. Apart from being highly drought-tolerant, this succulent bears small cinnamon-scented, white-coloured flowers. 

Outdoor Succulents for garden