small garden ideas

Everyone loves to surround their house with beautiful and lush greeneries. Irrespective of how open or compact your garden, balcony or terrace is, you can always spruce it up with some innovative gardening ways. We present smart solutions for every small space that would leave your guests in awe. 

Hanging Planters
If you have limited space in your garden or don’t have one, opt for hanging planters. Use your porch ceiling to hang the baskets. You can fill them with blooming colourful flowers or foliage plants. 

Vertical Standing
This is a great DIY activity that takes less time, and little garden or terrace space. Get a beautiful stand made and fit your small pots on it and create a beautiful and airy green space. You can also check out various vertical garden ideas for small spaces for inspo.
Get Plant Furniture
Take a unique route to the garden with this smart plant furniture. Display your plants by soiling them in the centre of your table. Place this table on your patio, balcony or your terrace for natural and effortless décor. 

Multi-Tier Planter
Are you upset with the lack of space for your plants? Get yourself a multi-tier planter and position it anywhere inside or outside the house. You can soil succulents, foliage and flowering plants in layers for a majestic look. 

Ladder Nursery
Convert a wooden ladder into an efficient space-saving stand. You can pot the veggies, flowers and herbs on a brightly coloured ladder. Place the ladder nursery in your garden or on a terrace. It also fits perfectly in a large balcony, while exuding a rustic look.   

Square Gardening
If you are a keen gardener with limited space, opt for square gardening. Plant all your vegetables in the raised square beds for highly efficient production. Place your square garden on one side of the terrace or the floored garden.
garden ideas for small spaces