lemon grass benefits

Lemongrass is a refreshing herb that has a plethora of uses. It is known for its calming properties and is one of the most grown plants. It is widely used in tea, medicines, beauty products and more. To know more about Lemongrass benefits, keep reading!

Reduces Stress & Relieves Anxiety
Lemongrass has anti-anxiety properties and it is believed by smelling the leaves one experiences a calming effect.

Good for Oral Health
One of the health benefits of lemongrass is that improves oral health. Chewing on Lemongrass stalks is beneficial for oral health.  The compounds in Lemongrass kill the bacteria that causes the decay of the teeth.

Relieves Bloating
Lemongrass tea helps in reducing bloating and water retention. Take a few lemongrass leaves and add them to your morning tea for relishing a cup of calmness.

Keeps Infections at Bay
Lemongrass has magical properties and it keeps all kinds of infections at bay. It is also used in medicines for fungal infections.

lemongrass plant benefits