The Rubber Plant is famous as Ficus elastica or Rubber Fig. It is a manageable plant and thrives indoors with minimalistic care. Check out the benefits of the rubber plant that will make you want to add this plant to your collection!

Low-Maintenance Plant

A rubber plant is a low-maintenance indoor plant. It thrives in indirect sunlight and only needs to be watered twice a week. All new plant parents can easily take care of it.

Purifies the Air & Removes Molds

Rubber Plant purifies the air and remove toxins from the air. The rubber fig absorbs harmful chemicals. It leaves the air breathable and is highly beneficial.

Have Antibacterial Properties

Another one of the Rubber Plant benefits that you should know about is that it eliminates bacteria from the air up to 50%.

Converts CO2 to O2

The Rubber fig converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. It provides you with plenty of oxygen and is the perfect houseplant.

No Pollen

The Rubber Plant is suitable for people who have pollen allergies as they don't produce pollen.

rubber plant benefits