Indoor Plants that Release Oxygen at Night

Indoor plants are highly beneficial for our health. From purifying the air to removing toxins, plants can do it all. Did you know some plants release oxygen at night? Here are the best indoor plants that you must bring home as they release oxygen at night!

Areca Palm
Areca Plant is native to dense tropical forests and can survive in all conditions. You can keep this plant in your living room.

Snake Plant
Snake Plant is one of the best plants for your bedroom as it not only releases oxygen at night but also promotes restful sleep.

Peace Lily
Known for its beautiful white blooms, Peace Lily is another plant that releases oxygen at night.

Spider Plant
Spider Plant is known for removing toxins from the air, and it also releases oxygen at night.

Aloe Vera Plant
The last one on our list of plants that releases oxygen at night is the Aloe Vera plant. Apart from having various magical properties, the Aloe Vera plant is a famous plant that can convert CO2 into O2 at night!

indoor plant giving oxygen at night